May 22, 2005


Hey, thats kind of cool. I have been selected as a Helena Rubinstein Curitorial Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art's Independent Study Program.

I feel kind of AWESOME right now.

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May 20, 2005


The manner in which the british museum's deals with Bansky, as evidenced by his recent project at staid British Museum; with humor, good cheer, and high regard, in short a dry-but-stiff upper lip, not taking themselves more seriously but being completely open about what happened with the intervention contrasts sharply with the weird, angry and secretive manner in which New York museums deal with his pranks. While the NYC museums scoffed and acted rather bellicose, their no-less-esteemed British colleagues noted that they expected the piece back after it was finished being exhibited in a solo show Bansky has going up. Isn't this the way that hegemony is best able to co-opt anti-hegemonic initiatives, by lessening the acts power through acquiescence to the phisicalized aspects of the revolt, not the ideology that underline’s it..

I am not saying that the work is particularly good, though I am drawn to aspects of it, and I think the execution is superb (a statement which is almost always a honey coated smack-down), however the brit. response seems eminently more reasonable and really, from an authoritarian point of view, effective.

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May 16, 2005


brought my attention to a weird situation that occured last month at a gallery that I was affiliated with when I lived in LA. According to posts on NEWSgrist and a show at Mike Russek's transport gallery was shut down last month, durring the opening party (actually it was a one night event), by the LAPD due to its content. That is fucking unbeliveable and disgusting, and I can't wait for the whole story to come to light. I am actually going to do some reporting and call up the LAPD and mike and see what the deal is...

Mike is a really good friend of mine, I have crashed on his sofa on more than one occasion, and he is not someone to take this lying down. He also knows lots of people in all strata of LA life, and I know there are lots of people who could have his back if he decides to push this all the way...
(ps- check out the link to Mike's work, it is really intresting and I have been meaning to get around to writing about it for a while now...)

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May 15, 2005


just to re_tread, or re_inscribe information you probably know ( Via blaze) peep the meta_article he set up, and hooked me up for part of, on political new_media art in this month's XLR8R magazine [not on the web, in old_school form only]. Not really my best work but always nice to see the words looking back at you from glossy paper and not just lcd...

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May 09, 2005

I can't belive I am doing this:here is a blog post by john cusack taking note of the quotes HST had posted on the walls of his armed compound. Why JC was there for the memorial service is sort of beyond me but...

Here is my fav., go 'clicky link' style for the whole kit-and-kabootle(sp?)

In my own country
I am in a far off land
I am strong yet have
No force or power
I win yet remain a loser
At break of day I say goodnight
When I lie down I have a great fear of falling -- François Villion

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