January 19, 2005


Jumping right into the thick of things after my extended vacation I decided to follow up on an issue that blogging.la first reported and all sorts of others, including MAN , noted- LACMA has been blocking museum employees from peeping art related blogs from their work computers...

There has been a lot of discussion over if LACMA has really done this on purpose - "keep down the bloggers!" - or if it is just the byproduct of a poorly designed anti-porn-at-work type program. The suggestion that it is somehow a byproduct of a firewall seems a bit sketch in that I have never heard of a firewall that restricts access to certian parts of the web (and if so it is a very poorly designed fire wall).

In any case I decided to follow blogging.la's lead and give their PR flack a call and see what the story was. Domenic Morea was quick to answer his call (at 6:30 pm PST no less) however he was less forthcoming with an answer. While he told me he would be happy to let me know about any of the exciting programs that LACMA had coming up in the new year (I resisted asking about the $30.00 ticket price for the dead Egyptians exhibit they have going up soon ), he was unwilling to comment on "internal security matters".

Well, I guess thatís what I get for engaging in a first act of "actual reporting" my first "no comment".

I suppose one could extrapolate some sort of meta lesson from all this about large institutions, the ability to change and the control of information but I will let you do that on your own.

(ps- I am in LA this weekend, get in touch if you want to connect)

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January 17, 2005


I heart Arthur Danto, i really do, so don't think that this question is asked in a totally assholesque manner, but does dude have something up with his eye or what?


just asking...

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