December 29, 2004


Oh, dear nytimes real estate section, how I missed you. Whilst spending family time in the wilds of maine I missed last sunday's real estate section and this total nugget on the fashion collective As Four's loft.

Ahhhhh, so, so, simple and delicious a pleasure. NY times real estate section, thank you for this chrismaka present. I feel bad I have nothing for you- hopefully the warm glow of my enjoyment will be present enough.

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December 20, 2004


As the blog slowly dies, i go north(east).
Blogging will be (even) ligher than usual as I head to family for christmas and then (even better) to PARIS for new years and the first week of the year.

If any of you all have any good hook-ups in Paris (esp. young artists whos work I may want to peep) please let me know ben *at* newdream *dot* net.

Otherwise, full blogging, five days a week (I promise) will resume here 1/7/2005

stay tuned...

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December 14, 2004


in the name of further procrastination in regards to a suborn tome on performance, transgressing binary gender and networks which refuses to write itself from the brilliant fragments floating in my head... I present to you faithful (non)readers the best spam I have received today... Yes, jesus can fix your spend thrift habits... SO MUCH AWSOME:


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December 08, 2004

people should really do more to burn down the exburbs . Let the fuckers fry.

in other news, I am in hard-core training to become a radical-leftist talking head. I think I can be just as bellocose as the next white man with the added advantage of being loud and diadatic. what do you think?

Not sure really but I might be back in this space full time, I have done a lot of chewing/digesting and I think I am ready to spit it on out.

hey, do you know me 'IRL' as the kids say? if so, send me your phone number, my jimmy got jacked.

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December 01, 2004


It is so sad to see things I love; rampant drug use, sluttery, and being crazy embodied in an artist that is so clearly a piece of shit (both human being _and_ art wise). Peter Tunney comes accross in this NY observer profile as just that type of fecal matter. He is basiclly giving sex, drugs and art a bad name via the fact that he breaks the cardinal rule of living a hedonistic lifestyle- he talks about it. Now unless you are HST do not mention your habits, chemical or sexual. Ever.

On the other hand, the article does make delicious reading, via gawker.

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