November 30, 2004


Oh, wait. I have a web presense? I throught that was all just part of a nasty dream along with W winning, me not being wealthy and famous, and the earth revolving around the sun [...]

Motivation, as you can well tell, has been minimal in this whole 'blogging' vein as going out and living, not to mention readin' n' writin' [aka grad school] have been eating at me like red-staters on a bag of fried pork balls*.

So, for now, I can only suggest this; RSVP right now to tara mateik's performances (curated by Lauren Cornell as part of DARE) at Foxy Production on 12/11, 12/16 or 12/18. His work is really amazing and deals in physical form with a lot of the issues that I try and write about. On top of that he is funny and hot. _do_ _not_ _sleep_ on this. Full press release and RSVP info after the jump.

*yea, I know I am not supposed to be derisive, but it is really, really hard.



December 11, 16 and 18, 2004 - 7.00 pm. Please RSVP for limited seating,
Tel: 212 239 2758 or email “”.

The performances are free.

Foxy Production presents Dare # 1 by Tara Mateik, a performance taking place December 11th, 16th and 18th. Dare # 1 inaugurates The Dare Series, a program of new performance curated by Lauren Cornell.

Dare #1 assumes the form of an orientation meeting for the organization SBI (Society of the Biological Insurgents). Though SBI's mission - “to overthrow institutions of compulsory gender" - implies a certain gravitas, the actions waged by this self-described "embryonic cell organization" are equal parts critical consideration and humorous send-up of historical standards of sexual normalcy. Tara Mateik, SBI's founder, will deliver a performative lecture that integrates power point with performed examples of SBI interventions both live and on video. These interventions range from Situationist inspired pranks, as in SBI's sandpaper book-marks equipped to erase all textual references pathologizing gender deviance, to revivals of outmoded sexual innuendoes such as the infamous "Hanky Code". Each commands a moment of rupture in popular views of gender and sexuality to question the influence of clinical and biological discourses.

Tara Mateik (1974, Leominster, MA) holds a BA in Film and Video from Hampshire College and an MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic. Selected exhibitions include: FACT/The Liverpool Biennial, UK (2004); Laboratoria Arte Alameda, Mexico City (2004); Participant, New York; Women In the Director's Chair (WIDC), Chicago, IL; Anthology Film Archives, New York (2003); Center for Contemporary Art, Vilnius, Lithuania (2003); and Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York (2003). Publications include: GRIP: Society of Biological Insurgents (SBI) Code of Operations (RPI Press 2004); LTTR: A Feminist Art Journal (LTTR 2001); and FELIX: A Journal of Media Arts and Communication (Semiotext(e) 1999). Mateik was the Coordinating Director of Paper Tiger Television (1998-2002).

For further information or high resolution images, please contact Michael Gillespie or John Thomson: t 212.239.2758 e (

547 WEST 27 ST, FL 6
(between 10 and 11 avenues)

t: 212 239 2758
f: 212 239 2759

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November 17, 2004


Paul Fleuranges, a transit authority spokesman; "It was vandalism. If it was art, they wouldn't have had to scale fences, dodge dogs and cops. ".

In this article on the bannishment of graf. history from the centenial celebration of the new york subway (in The Times!).

a.) art requires said scaling & dodging in some manner to be a success.
b.) how square is your agency if The Times is calling you out?

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feeling vacant as of late... Too much work, not enough sleep.
Good art conversations everywhere, a decent post on an upcomming project forthcomming. Don't lose faith, i'll be back.

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November 09, 2004

While the, & all display a "breaking news alert" much like this one:

abcbreak.tiff has, apparently, decided to go in another direction...


No value judgements here (drudge btw, is silent)

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Like blaze I am a bit sick of the crying on the left, and the weird "us vs. them" mentality and anger towards rural, non-coast voters. In particular a lot of posters to a (usually bright) academic cultural studies list-serve are saying all sorts of things about the "bigots"... here was my response:

I think it is important to remember, as has been said rather eloquently on this list, that in making claims such as this the speaker quoted above makes, is in many ways speaking from a place of privilege, (ie an educated, academic elite) while not making note of that place.

In particular I feel that claims of "xenophobia and bigotry" bely the fact that much of the decision making agency of these otherized "people living in Oklahoma and Kansas" can be seen as determinted by a late capitalist hegemony (media, etc.), which seeks to trade in fear in order to service hegemonic power. Votes for what we may see as wrong-headed leadership do not come about from an isolated personal place of bigotry or xenophobia but from a much more complex narrative which is, in many ways, written by a society which is itself guilty of xenophobic and bigoted ideals.

While I understand the anger at the elections results (and in fact share that same anger) I think it is more important to understand, especially from a cultural studies standpoint, how the right wing was better able to construct narratives which wrote xenophobia and bigotry into the votes people cast.

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November 08, 2004


I have a feeling that the New America Fascism is going to bring about some new spice into the world of street fashion- case in point look at the above photo of some Iraqi Freedom Fighters insurgents. Of particular note are the smashing ensembles of the men on the far left and right of this photograph.

On the left we have Ahmed, rocking a form fitting olive-green jump suit that intones "all business" with the adorable lime green hat that belies a subtle sense of humor about the situation. In short this dood is totally ready for some heavy lifting on the steets of falluja, paris, or tokyo.

On the right we have "mystery" man who's face-covering mask says "I don’t want my whole family tortured by the interim government" while his MC Hammeresque pants shout "Can't touch this". Look for this bedeviling combination to touch down on the dance floors of New York, london and Ibeza this spring!

As fore the other two souls, it looks like they are pushing the party line that "the grunge comeback is just around the corner"... well you keep waiting boys

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November 04, 2004

"At last night’s auction of Impressionist and modern art at Christie’s New York, he led us through our elitist, liberal grief, back into the familiar cadence of works selling in $500,000 increments. The sale was more than okay, all things considered. "
I don't know much about Stewart Waltzer but his rundown on the NY auction season is both witty and informative.

Okay- back to 'drinking to forget' now.

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or, perhaps not so much, at least abe is back from the war zone and not sounding too bleak.

As for myself, I have basiclly taken to bed with a bottle of jack, some judith butler.

I am working on having something intellegent to say about the state of the world, but i think I really need some time to process first.

yea, y'all have seen this already but it makes em feel just a wee bit better:


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November 03, 2004


Via billmon, via Tom Moody, HST has the words for the moment again (he may have been refering to 1972, but it don't look like much has changed):

"This may be the year when we finally come face to face with ourselves; finally just lay back and say it -- that we are really just a nation of 220 million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns, and no qualms at all about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable."

I have a feeling I will be rereading a lot of HST in the next few years... hopefully not from a jail cell.

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is there anyone out there who was up-and about (unlike my diapered ass) during the 8 years of Regan... if so, please advise, asap.

Likewise does anyone have any experience in hard drug addiction? I am thinking of starting a heavy horse phase (in light of tonight’s events) and would love some advice... do's and don't perhaps....

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November 02, 2004


It looks like someone doesn't like getting their pants beat off by a (super hot n' smart) gal

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I went to my local public school and voted for the first time in NYC. After the dinky little LA voting machines (push pin stylee) I was way into the heavy duty old school new york lever pull machines. The LES voting place scene was a total scene, Latinos, African Americans, Chinese Americans and lots-o-hipsters.

Of note fashion wise: two terrible ugg booted girls and a Muslim woman with the full head-gear on (the type where all you can see are the eyes). I was (and am) totally obsessed with wondering who the Muslim woman voted for.

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November 01, 2004


I am totally in information schizophrenia mode, and I am trying to find some rationalization or contextualization for my constant zipping between 15 different political blogs, poll result sites, mainstream news sites and the like. I keep grasping at different strands of information, bits and pieces here and there trying to force them into some sort of coherent tea-leaf reading of what tomorrow holds. I know that it is futile, that each layer of information that I attempt to process has itself been filtered by its source, stripped of any meaning as a text by the filters that have presented it…

In fact I just did it again, instead of finishing that last thought I made around through various right, left and ‘center’ sites looking for a sate to my information appitite that I know is not there.

The massive tools of information at my fingertips- broadband internet + 300 channels of television should make me more informed, but instead I feel like I am just constantly in this pre-formation status, suspended between ‘facts’ but never on firm ground.

This state of flux is one that I have looked at in a really academic theoretical manner many times – but before several minutes ago it was just that-theoretical. Now I can actually feel the nature of the fractured subject position manifesting itself…

The subjectivity of the information in the so called information age created the need to enact this weird performative thought process – I am having trouble naming or describing it but I have a feeling it is lurking and ozzing in between all these discrete ‘facts’ and nuggets of information that I am seemingly in a never-ending online search for.

This started out as a post about election angst, having all this info but no ‘winner’ but it turned into something weird and strange. I think I will post it anyway even after reading it I realize the fundamental failure of my reasoning- information and its flow is not about conclusions or fact but about establishing communities based upon trust of others filter systems and then using those communities for (positive) change…..

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a.) I have no idea where to vote tomorrow. I can't find the slip I was mailed (um, suprise) and the new york elections dept. website does not have a listing and their 24-hour automated telephone line has a recording that they are closed for business... grrrrr. update:While all the well known info sites to find your polling place info are pretty fucked up (in nyc, both web and phone is down), a less known about number just worked for me: 1.212.868.3692) update part deux:actually it looks like i was just lucky. I tried the number again, to double check, and it is all beep-beep busy like again... sorry.

b.) Frank Bruni, the current Times resturaunt critic (who covered GWB in 2000) is going to be writing an election night 'weblog'.

He also suggest places new yorkers should eat tomorrow night:

1. CRAFT, 43 E. 19th Street (212-780-0880). With all the close calls, complaints, lawsuits and other convolutions that could well greet us on Wednesday, simplicity may be the way to go on Tuesday night. At this extraordinarily handsome, inviting restaurant, the chef Tom Colicchio takes an unadorned approach toward fresh, first-rate ingredients.

2. SUSHI YASUDA, 204 E. 43rd Street (212-972-1001). No matter which candidate you want to win, your nerves will be in tatters on Tuesday night. Few restaurants are as relaxing as this one, with its clean lines, light woods and pristine fish. The prices are extremely high, so think of the bill as a patriotic investment in the economy.

3. GARDEN CAFE, 620 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn (718-857-8863). Very small, very unpretentious, very out of the way. If you want to feel far, far removed from the swirling storm of last-minute jockeying by the candidates and preening prognostications by the pundits, this place could be your calm shelter. The creative American food also happens to be impressive. Call first to make sure you can get one of the few tables.

4. CAFE RIAZOR, 245 W. 16th Street (212-727-2132). In a subterranean grotto, addictive sangria, respectable paella and a friendly staff awaits. Riazor is frumpy but authentic and relatively inexpensive, and you can order that sangria by the pitcher. If the reports from Florida echo the ones in 2000, you may need to.

5. RED CAT, 227 Tenth Avenue (212-242-1122). With your vote, you are surely trying to nudge the country in a sensible direction. Why not weave the right kind of electoral karma with the most sensibile of restaurant choices? The Red Cat does not dazzle, but it delights, and it does that in an extremely warm American-bistro environment, at a fair enough price.

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