August 30, 2004

back.for.bush (and jerry falwell)

back in town and back online, tan, rested and ready to go.

I missed the big anti-war/bush/bad-people march yesterday so I set out today in all my summer finery to see what beautiful Manhattan had to offer- draped (as it were) in all its republican finery (and dripping in the satanic sweat of a nasty late august day).

After checking out the hippy types in union square and realizing that no matter my sympathies with their message the medium was not really my steeez I decided to hop up to rock center and churn about in the bile of the belly of the beast. Stepping out of the rock lobby, its dark cool stone expanses gussied up with the ever-present bronze art deco trim, I was imediatly hit with the full force of not only the nasty dank air but also the massive presence of the 5-0. Coppers, just hanging out and looking scary, mobbed every street corner. I figured acting alone, and not done-up in any lefty pinko regalia (really, the fashion of those stridently political, on either side, is such a bore) I figured I could get away with some grade school shenanigans. I was right.

My favorite game was finding delegates or other convention goers, easily distinguished by their bags and pins, and telling them, in a measured polite tone while keeping eye contact, that I did not want them and that they were homophobes. Mature, I know. I aimed particularly at middle age or younger, tempering the adolescent urges that spurned my actions with a healthy dose of weird admiration for the old ladies wrapped in buttons and ribbons and spangles (why red, white, and blue of course my dear).

I know it was a silly thing to do, but I just wanted to do something more direct that marching with a sign. I noticed I was not the only one that had the urge, it seemed that one out of every four new yorkers, walking about on their lunch break would chose to say things like "thanks for deficit" "how’s your war going" etc. as they saw delegates walk past them.

The best part was soon to come however…

Standing on the corner of eigth ave and 40th street (I think), I spied one of my least favorite people the world- the "Rev." Jerry Falwell (sp?). At that point I could not contain my instincts. He walked by once, and I looked him in the eye about three feet away and said "Jesus is ashamed of you" to which he begain to say something, but then turned and walked away. Still high on that buzz, assuming it was as good as it got he then walked past in the other direction, even closer to me this time, looking at me in the eye as he went past, I spoke first though, making sure to clearly annunciate my words so that he could not mistake my meaning "You are going to burn in hell for your sins" This time one of his cohorts (not a body guard) turned and walked towards me but unfortunately the good reverend grabbed his minion by the arm and pulled him around the corner.

As sad as it may seem this juvenile one-sided repartee made me feel better about myself and my general station in life than anything had in weeks.

I then went and hung out by the CNN area and got to chat with james carvelle and tucker carlson, spying the ever sprite-like george stephanopolis and other political fav.'s of mine including (rep.) charles rangle.

It was a good corner and I figure if I got to take (verbal) shots at one of the stalwarts of the religious right today, who knows who I will get to berate tomorrow

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August 03, 2004

A series of artist interviews that I conducted with some of the artists who showed at Prix_Selection are now (finally) available online.

The interviews; with Kazuhiko Hachiya, Lynn Hersman, Paul Sermon, Jeffry Shaw, Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau look at the role of physical interactivity in their art practice, focusing on the works Eyebeam showcased.

You can check out the interviews on the eyebeam site here

I think that the Hershman interview is especially intresting, it evolved into a longer email dialouge between the two of us, if she gives the okay I may post selections of that dialouge at a later date.

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