April 27, 2004


Opps... late notice but some wonderful people are giving a wonderful reading in a bar (which is always convienent). It will start late I bet, so you have time to run on down and buy me a drink!

Performative readings cum ruminations on “strange”
love relations and “peculiar” love choices by José
Esteban Muñoz, Barbara Browning and Ann Pellegrini.
Tuesday, April 27, 7pm
Monkey Temple
558 Broome St. (near Varick)
José Esteban Muñoz riffs on the wonders of dog love;
Barbara Browning reads excerpts from a novel in
unrhymed sonnets; Ann Pellegrini lays bare the claims
of author love.

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Oh Shit! Technology is not really my forté (or spelling, obvs) but this seems amazing. Microvision has perfected a system that allows lasers to project directly onto the retina, allowing users to view computer images on top of their normal field of vision. DOPE. Right now they are just using it for boring stuff like to help car mechanics, or doctors recieve complex information sets (ie manuals) while they are in the midst of their operations.

Beyond that it seems like there could be all sorts of fun play/art applications... video cameras with _real_ viewfinders, sex manuals, reading's for the subway etc.

You can find the full rundown over at The BBC

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April 26, 2004


Sorry for the lack of good stuff in this space, the sun on saturday and the rain on sunday and all the school work i need to do has placed me in my own little world. What can ya do.

Cool event tonight (thanks to michelle handelman for the link)...

Beyond the Whitney- On the issue of the Image
"Curator Chrissie Iles, exhibiting artists Craigie Horsfield and Catherine Sullivan, and George Baker"

In the meantime check out East Village Radio I am not ususally a huge fan on internet radio, but they have been playing some great jammy-jams as of late, not exactly free-form but still a nice ecclectic mix of things I know and love and new gems.

On the "check it out tip" I have been playing around with del.icio.us a bunch lately and I really dig it. Anytime I see a cool link that does not necc. need comment, i just click on a toolbar link and a window pops up and I publish that link here:


It's a great tool and it has an RSS feed so get on that shit.

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April 19, 2004


[prop's to the seattle times, via dailykos.com]

See those boxes. Each one contains a human being that no longer is. They trusted and honored the fact that carrying out orders and not questioning those orders would justify any sacrifice they would make. They upheld their end of the bargain. The same can not be said for those that placed those orders. Those that no longer are had their honor besmirched.

I try not to hit politics too often as it makes me even darker than usual, but for the goods on that part of the world check out abe's new project American Dynamics

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April 18, 2004



Against all odds I made it to CP to bask in the glorious sun and check out AVAF's "public art" project the morning [sic] last. The vitamin D was in full effect, and that combined with Los Super Elegantes jammys combined to create a chill-mellow-margerettas-2-go vibe, thankfully 'cause the AVAF's project on its own was... was well... less than overwhelming.


That's not entirely fair, as the whole creative, summers, coming together in the park vibe, was basically what this instillation was about me thinks, and that feleling- the mellow in-between hours of summer afternoons was pervasive - what with the costumes, colors, deep(ish) house music, it really felt more like an afternoon on the playa at burning man or in AB dessert during moontribe than an afternoon in central park. For this east - to west - back to east kid that felt nice in a nostalgic, wistful sort of way but there did not seem to be any comment, or even self-aware notion within this (much like most BM/MT related art). The sense of community building and coming together is great, but the question always remains what are those communities for, what do they achieve. I am not saying hedonistic pleasures in themselves are not worthwhile outcomes of such communities I would just like to see some implicit/explicit comment/acknowledgement of this.

None-the-less it was great to see folks like this getting down...


She had mad skills on the hulahoop, perhaps unlike any I had ever seen before.

For a little movie I shot on my digicamera, peep this out, it's really small...


later that eve. It was off to see chicks on speed with abe at deitch which was... well I am not really sure what I think. There were actually interesting parallels between their asthetic an that of AVAF, this whole post-neo raver, paisley fluorescent, acid head thing which is... well getting a little tired. They had some video they had made over the last week with them in sort of 1980's video game character/acid head muppet costumes interacting in various spaces around nyc. It was performative but, well, pretty hokey but it looked cool enough at some points. The fact that deitch was too cheap to put on the AC is sort of putting a damper on the experience for me, even in hind sight. Frankly though, at various points in the musical part of the performance I was downright bored. I understand they are trying to play with the modes of production in music (ie, how music is made, and the ownership of that process, but frankly (and I know this sounds anti-intellectual) that shit better make me dance, or at least make me question why it is I don't want to dance. This just made me listless.

On the positive side, the performer who came on right before CoS, who i believe was one of their members (but I could not tell with the whole costumes etc), had fucking vocal pipes like you would not believe and used them in a really interesting counter-intuitive manner. She laid down some pretty crunk-a-delic beats, but that had melodies that were almost ear-splitting, and then would toss her loud, clean voice into the mix- at times the combination was (purposefully) unlistenable, but then one part of the mix would drop out and sonic goodness would just hit the solar-plexus and course throughout the body, and then it would be gone again. She was playing with our desires and musical expectations, using what we know of pop-music through years of listening and then subverting those expectations (which are made out of our desires). In her last song, a cover of the Whitney Houston "Ieeee, eeeeI will allwaaaaaaaayyyyys loooooooove uuuuuuwwwuuuu" song from The Bodyguard she took this too the max, pulling off an amazing note-for-note cover up until the end, wherein she did the final chorus 12-15, at first it was amazing and then you just wanted it to stop by the 12th or so, but the last few she just screamed through, getting all punk-rock on it. It was terrible, you wanted it to end more than anything in the world, but it was also supper funny and intelligent. Good stuff, really.

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April 16, 2004


Gonna hit 75 degrees, the ladies are gonna be out in their short skirts for the first time all year and baseball is ready to really get going. Not even the negative balance in my accounts and lack of any gainful employment offering itself up in the near future is going to fuck with the manic mood that is swirling around me from all sides. Fuck, I may even be smiling.

I continue to be amazed at my ability to place movies up here on this intermathingamanetbop. Most of my shit really needs a big screen for decent context, and to be looped, but here is another subpar piece (way to go tekno boy, all the fun shit is on VHS, the worlds worst archiving format eva). You can't really read the cell phones in this small version, which is a bummer, and for some reason, whenever I shrink it down the audio (which i built myself in my first ever soundtrack making excersise) gets more snap-crackle-pops than a bowl full of geneticlly modified breakfast corn product. Whatevs.
UPDATE: Here are the four text messages that appear on the phone but are too hard to read at this size/compression:
1. It's too noisy to articulate
2. Ambiguity is empty
3. All i remember are shots and apologies
4. Scorn is contagious
5. My balance went to zero


In other fun weekend news, assume vivid astro focus, who i think i like (but perhaps i just got wet at the 'specticle' of their whit whit shit) is showing their centeral park piece tomorrow (sat) with a performance by Los Super Elegantes from 1-3pm (in conjunction with the public art fund). Dave Muller will also be showing one of his three day group art things.

I would love to check it out, but I will be stocking up on carbo's at teany as part of MoveOn.org's Bake Sale For Democracy and watching my boston red sox destroy the evil empire. Find one near you and get your anti-bush carb/sugar hight on.


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April 14, 2004


Wow, I can't belive I actually got this to work. If you click on the link below (and have QT) you will see a little art project I made.

It's sort of cute but no great shakes, i think i envision it as a monitor piece, not one of those opressive projections (though as I type this, it would look cool in it's own room, all dark and projectetd with the sound really loud). It's actually not very good at all now that I look at it again, and even worse in the tiny QT file, but I am still proud that I figured out how to make it alive on the web, so it stays. Let me know what you think


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April 13, 2004


I keep meaning to write a detaled overview of the biennial. I did take detailed notes durring my several (free friday) viewings, I just can't really deal with trying to extrapolate some greater meaning, or even short pithy notes on the pieces i dug (de beers, AZ-West, AVAF, Chloe Piane, Opie (ps- see her on The L Word?) and others I can't recall). Luckily, for me, tom moody has a bunch of impressions that I, for the most part, agree with, or are at least a good starting off point.

I for one really dug the, way over the top, Assume Vivid Astro Focus' "post-psychedelic" roomthing. I am not really sure why but there seems to be a lot-of this post-psychedelic (although I think in a lot of ways it is really post-post, reflecting more on early 90's rave culture than the merry pranksters and that 60's ilk). I am not sure where this longing, this use of lots of color and disorienting sense comes from or is going, I have my ideas (reaction to- war/"clean" digital art", etc.) but I am not really ready to enumerate them yet, to myself or others.

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April 09, 2004


It could be because I am sitting in a funk, trying to determine if I can afford to eat _and_ get drunk over the weekend on the ten dollars I have to my name (answer- I am fasting) but gothamist's interview with Clay Shirky just hit home in a most intense way. Perhaps it's just my time of the month, but his take on the city (and his take on technology) totally makes me all weepy. Okay, off to search and destroy some more pennies.

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April 08, 2004


I have been pumping I hate you when you're pregnant all day really loudly. I can't say it has made me very productive but their weird intersection of played out electro with epic metal sounds has me in a tizzy. They have a whole bunch of .mp3's for download in the "banshees" section of their site. the rest of the site confuses me.

I have also been checking out this third wave (or is it fourth?) feminist fashion and media collective messy closet. I haven't poked around enough to decide if I dig their stuff or not, but so far so good.

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April 06, 2004


I dragged my hung over (still drunk?) ass out of bed at the crack of dawn on saturday in order to go further uptown than any rational human being would usually do and attended the Twenty-Ninth Scholar and Feminist conference which was actually lots of educational dorky fun.

There were a lot of high points, including a morning panel on queer representation in the media with the brilliant (and beautiful) Anna McCarthy (NYU Cinema Studies), ueber smart video artist and writer Richard Fung and suprisingly Christine Vachon (who produced boys don't cry, i shot andy warhol, and my all time fav. movie tod hayne's safe. I would summerize, and add my own thoughts, but I was still really hung over when the panel started and my notes are totally illegible.

The afternoon panel; The Future in Pixels: Feminist Art & New Media, was _the__shit_. A lot of the disucssion focused on how information is used and structured - who controls it and how it can be used in less patriarchal ways. Wynne Greenwood (Tracy and the Plastics), threw down some knowledge on identity/multiplicity, and the lovely Elizibeth Subrin was as always well spoken and smart when talking about refinding identities that have been lost or forgotten (and when destroying some simpleminded questioner that prattled on forever in asking a stupid question about pornography; ES in response: "ummm, wasn't there a whole symposium on that same topic here at barnard like thirty fucking years ago".

My fav. new find however was "design engineer and technoartist" Natalie Jeremijenko a Rockefeller Fellow and former Xerox PARC researcher who is doing some of the most amazingly obsessive and wonderful art that I have seen in a while. There are a bunch of projects she has been involved in here and her artist statement wherein she calls into question what information "counts" and who makes those determinations. She is a firm beliver in making data (information) both tangable and open-ended.


Her project Feral Robotic Dogs, in collaboration with the experemental product design lab at Yale is truely stunning. Taking the best aspects of hacking, social responsability and open data structures the Feral Dogs Project manages to be deeply meaningful in its critical gaze but also whimsical in its asthetics. The "feral dogs" are cheap childrens robotic toys, that are hacked in such a way so that they act in pack's using individual sensors to measure enviormental toxins in public parks and public schools and then making topological graphs of the concentrations of enviormental toxins. The site has full instructions which allow any of us to duplicate and improce upon the hack. Amazing.

Janeane Garofalo, giving the keynote, was a total letdown after that panel- she was funny and ueber cute but her political rambilings, most of which I agree with, seemed really silly and poorly reasoned- which is my basic critique of air america radio (in case you cared)

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April 02, 2004


I mentioned yesterday that the John Kerry campaign has begun placing political advertisments on Gawker. Now there have been lots of talk this season about the power of fundraising on the intermernetathingamawebbob, but most of this fundraising has been on the canidates websites themselves or on the hard core partisan blogs (KOS, et all).


This however is the first time I have seen an ad on a non politics oriented blog (though the same ad is on gawkers sister site the politics/dc/gossip iRag wonkette, which is_perhaps_ where the JFK campaign got the idea).

For some reason itt strikes me as bizarre that JFK is advertising on a site that secalizes in celebrity sex gossip, fashion, media sniping and the like. Not that it's a bad thing (at all) its just so fucking out of left field. I think it is very savvy in its own way- all the ueber fags, fashion cunts, marie claire interns, celeb hunters and the like that read gawker (myself included) are, I am sure, pretty left leaning, but I would assume generally apathetic (they seem would seem to mostly get up in arms about the evil smoking ban and whatever bizzzare antics the mr. blowjob vincent "whats a shower" gallo has been up to).

None-the-less, I wonder what the JFK campaign rational was, I would love to have been a fly-on-the-wall durring the meeting where the young, hip, intermablog-savay kerry staffer showed the grissled old political media buyer Gawker, explained who read it and why it would be a good buy. My guess is the buyer was all "whatever, it only costs us $20 bucks a week" (i mean, really how expensive could advertising on gawker be?).

In any case, it amuses me. If you are in the giving mood, and would love to see GWB out of a job, Abe has organized his own little influence peddling group to give kerry cash off of his blog. If I was not poor I might give somemyself, so you should in my stead.

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April 01, 2004


I just noticed that Tyler Green linked to me in his Modern Art Notes which is part of the wonderful little electronic world of Arts Journal.

Sometimes I forget that people may actually read this thing, I should really edit the spelling & grammer more carefully (ok, ok... edit it at all) but that's not really my style.

John Waters is speaking tonight at the New Museum [via Gawker of all places, and if I may digress does anyone else think it is cool/weird/important that there are John Kerry advertisements on Gawker? Have there been other instances of canidate's advertising on _non_political_ blogs? What's the CPM of gawker, or other ueberblogs?... Digression over].

I would very much like to go see JW, but my hangover is really, really nasty and despite his soothing voice I am not sure if I can really sit and listen to him talk about his photography in my current state. I should really make myself go as penance.... Selah.

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I know it's a bit derivitive but I have been taking lots of shots or T.V.'s (what can I say, the sacred, light emitting box is an important part of my life). Here are a few that I like, for whatever reason. Some photo-shopped, some not. Lay down some guesses on which is which in the comments if you please... (as always, click on the images for more high res shots and contact me directly for printable, archival images... with a cheque please).

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