March 31, 2004

I highly encourage y'all to check out the (not that new, but new in paperback) book by the brilliant and witty Ann Pellegrini (and Janet Jakobson) Love The Sin.

In short, they lay out how the religious value of "tolerance" (as it was passed down from enligtenment) is a dangerous way of saying that The Other (the gay's, the blacks, the women, the FTM clown fucking lefties, etc), can never be part of "America" in that they are tolerated but never accepted. The very act of toleration, the book argues, means that there is something to be tolerated, some deficency, which prevents the true practice of freedom and ability to realize the american ideal for those that are merely tolerated, but not embraced.

They go on to show how the first ammendment (in regards to the free exercise and disestablishment of religion) has been abused, and how linking a fully realized enactment of that amendments promise of the freedom to practice religion to a newfound freedom in sexual practice could be an important step in reimagining the project of freedom in these here states united.

The "meta-arguement" (if you will excuse that nasty conjunction) is that the actions that are taken by people; how they exsist, act, navigate, mediate, etc. are important in-and-of themselves, that is the space of meaning making, not just how the individual identifies (or is identified).

It's an intresting arguement (that I agree with) which is presented in a clear, concise and realitivly academic double-speak free manner. I highly, highly recomend it to all those intrested in religion, public policy, queer rights, or just good jargon-free writing.

Speaking of Jargon, here is a rough draft of a paper I am working on which seeks to link Judith Butler's arguments which re-read Freud's Mourning and Melencholia, with the idea of the Ephemeral (from JM) in looking at how Kurt Cobain's death was constructed and how his fans marked that event (which occured 10 years ago next week). It's in a pretty rough stage (ie- mad grammar issues and some organizational issues), but if you look beyond that I would love to hear what people think of some of the ideas I am playing with. Be forewarned that it is full of bad academic writing and is on the longish side, don't hold it against me.

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March 26, 2004


good revrand sharpton, how I love thee. Do you notice in this picture that the man of god is the only one wearing a black tie? It makes me wonder if the invitation called for "Black-Tie" and the former presidents, and canidates pictured above decided to go all hollywood and ignore the invitation or if Al just thought that he should class it up a bit. What are the odds that Jimmy C mistoke him as a waiter?

It sounds like the "afterpary" at "dream" may have been fun (as if, and btw since when does DC have clubs?) but not nearly as much as the RCTA a-party was [wonkette]

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March 23, 2004


Skip past the first part of this CNN re"hashing" of an AP story. That part is about some kid who stole mommys nickel bag and was sprinkling it on a freinds lasanga.

The second part is vastly more amuzing- a 4 year old boy took $10,000 worth of crack into class for show and tell. Kids do the darndest things. I totally don't understand how the little bastard got out of the house with that shit. I don't care how cracked-out I may or may not be- I am damn well going to know where my 10K stash is.

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March 19, 2004


UPDATE:I probably could have found this out myself, if I were not so lazy, but here is an update of the people i (sort if unfairly) refer to as "the other BEIGE kids". From a keen observer "The BEIGE programming crew members, whose names you did not remember were:
1) Paul B. Davis, (London & St. Louis)- Composer, DJ Club performer, and FM radio music host in London; and
2) Joe Bonn; (Los Angeles)- Feature Film Sound editor; Most recent being 'Hidalgo' and 'Terminator 3' "

Went to go see Cory Archangel with 8-bit construction set and some other members of the beige programming crew (I think, it's hard to keep all these heads and overlapping affiliations straight in my overheated mind).

They were pretty fucking sick despite having to work against the fact that the space (the downstairs of the whit whit) was set-up all night club style with lots of tables with candles on them and a decidedly un-dancey middle-age crowd.

I got there a bit late (after standing in a massive line that wrapped around from the entrance all the way down 74th(?) to Park Ave., full of cute and cheap art boys and art girls taking advantage of "pay what you want" night- totally some love connections about to get made in dark rooms of video art).

Um yea anyway as i rolled down CA and his kids were explaining how they use commodore computers to make their sounds, and the basic idea of hacking them. All of them were super cute at explaining things in a very self-effacing but obviously knowledgeable way. super funny exchange:

audience member Q: "What about using emulators?"
CA responding: "emulators (gives thumbs down) if your gonna roll then ROLL!"
one of the other beige guys: "of course if our stuff is 'rolling' then you might not want to roll"

They then went on to show off some new beats, do a 2X2 with all four tables playing the same track (off 8-bit), including some nice white-boy scratching by one of the doods who's name I don't remember.

The best part (for me) however was CA's new Nintendo cartridge hack where-in he has created a fake iPod type format where you can select from pop-songs that he has recreated it dope-assed 8-bit sonic love. He introduced this bit of tekno mastery by going, "so have you probably all know that iPod DJ'ing is all the rage in new york and I wanted to get into it but I can't fucking afford an iPod"
He has it set up so you can drop out the bass, drums or melody so that when he hooked up two Nintendo’s with hacked cartridges to a mixer he could create "mash-ups". Totally funny and totally rockin'.

I could go on about how this dood and his hooligan friends shit is totally amazing in that it takes closed systems and then opens them up (the "how-to" knowledge of which they totally share), or the interesting parallels in their neo-rave psycadelic color and musical aesthetic mirrors lots of other young artists that i see (as opposed to the victorian line-drawing/metal imagery i see from other kids my age) and how valuable and wonderful this is but it's late and i need to start drinking so I will say that these kids fucking rock. I would love to see them throw a fun party in this city asap.

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March 13, 2004


Comedians usually suck. Really suck. Stand up comedy is a dead art form for the most part though there have always (and will always) be some comedians who move (in their acts) beyond the tired cliches and into a territory that can only be described as proto-political performance art.

Last night, as I drunkenly came home I turned on the showtime and an old routine by Bill Hicks was playing. Bill was a shinning light on the earth, a combination of Sam Kinnison, Lenny Bruce, Abbie Hoffman, Hunter S. Thompson & Allan Ginsburg. He was a drug addict, punk rocker, revolutionary and nut.

He mixed politics, sex and his own personal issues and blead them out on the stage, he offered a great subversive super-ego to the american popular imagination, never didactic but always funny. Go out and listen to something by him. Buy it, steal it, share it take a drink and and feel bad about laughing because you know you are laughing at your own insecurities.

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March 10, 2004


well. at least there was free booze (and cheese)*. I actually did not have much of a chance to check out the art, navigating the peoples & finding my own proved to take up most of my visual energy. I will prob. post an actual review after I go to check it out some "quiet" afternoon armed with a notebook and a spliff.

The prof. had the best on the spot analysis: "lots of hedges bet on indeed"

*what the fuck however was up with the after-party only having limited open bar, running out off free booze @ like 2 and not even any food you could pay for. Most un-swank.

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March 09, 2004


The koss has a good (if totally partisan and self serving) analysis of how the democrats are using blogs to their advantage. HERE.

While I think he overstates the case a bit, still a worthwhile read on the politics/technology tip.

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goes beyond the bounds or limits set by (a commandment, law, etc); violate, infringe

Transgression in art and life fascinate me, and not just because I have adolescent-style issues with authority. Great work can be done in the spaces and relations that are not _supposed_ to exist. The blending of boundaries, the larger ones of Self and Other but also the smaller ones, the divisions we are supposed to abide by; male/female, gay/straight, intellectual/hedonist, moral/immoral, black/white etc.

I think the grey area’s in life are tasty and sexy, those that co-opt and redefine the spaces in between (in one way or another) are those that make some off the best art. It is not that they are dichotomies, simple embodied dualities; they stake a space in-between or amongst- a third way of being.

I have been thinking a lot about how physical spaces can demarcate idea's like this and driving down from boston on the chinatown bus I could not sleep and was bored with my book so I spent most of the ride looking out the window as dense urban area's gave way to industrial to suburban to sub-sub-urban to rural and back again several times. I love the in-between, the infrastructure that runs in these "empty" places; weird rusting but still in use factories with long conveyor belts between tired buildings, lots filled with hundreds of yellow school buses, high tension power lines, empty motels, gravel pit's, malls, home depot's. All of it is beautiful- in bridgeport conn, driving through along the water there are all manner of decaying industrial sites, large silo's of chemicals, empty lots and in the midst of it, next to the freeway surrounded by empty trash filled lot's stands one lonely late Victorian house, boarded up, empty but still with dignity. It's so sexy and beautiful, defiant, demarcating the in-between economies and zoning and travel and land and water. It almost gave me chub (ok… it did).

This Poet [ny times] as profiled in the times strikes me as a transgressive figure. It's not so much the idea that a murderer can be a great artist, that shit is bland; it's the idea of beauty and darkness dancing together and melding, fucking right there in a florescent lighted cell. I am not drawn to the obvious dichotomy (that he is both a poet and a death-row inmate) but that he has created through his work a third space where-in both these performative actions (poetry and murder) are inscribed upon his being, he is not in any sense a duality as many would seek to describe him as but a singularity. A third space between the two (and many others). Oh… and he fucking writes ill verse.

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March 04, 2004


Hydrant at the corner of Rivington and Essex spontaniously combusts.

Authorities belive the cause is linked to angst related to the declining quality of Rosario's. Authorities went on to note that several pairs of Ugg's were injured in the incident.

ok, i promise, entries that have some intellegence will return to this space soon, off to the the country for the rest of the week

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March 02, 2004


I hate, hate, hate just passing on links however THIS is too amazing not to share.

I have been watching it over and over and over for the past 15 min. It is... beyond words.

stolen from ultragrrl btw

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It seems like all the Real Blogs have found it necessary to post a their own running commentary on the Oscars (aka the most boring 10 hours of television ever). Madam Spiers rundown of her experience watching said televisual wonder bread are best-of-breed if only because she gets to observe liza minelli "in the wild" & map her reaction to billy "the last catskills comic" crystal's DISS of that Matron of Vodka.

On a related note it was fun to watch the blogeratti (aka blogsphere) accusations and recriminations i/r/t the kickers non-disappearance yesterday. It was sort of like the Law & Order episode where in the clique of popular school-girls murder one of their members and then fall allover each other in an effort to testify against each other. Almost as hot as nude female jello wrestling.

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