September 02, 2005


Sorry for the lack of text, but I have been running around and a source of power is not always avaiable. The exhibition, and the rest of Ars, opened yesterday so it has been non-stop adventures, too numerous for me to go into given the time constraints. I also have a backlog of 100 pictures to go through and re-size, so they will be comming slowly.

I am right now in a lecture on hybridization and its affects on politics globally. Quite intresting in some aspects but really the best comments came from an African academic who laid it out quite plainly that the hybridization of cultures for Africa means only a continuation of the ecconomic rape of that area (and the rest of the southern hemisphere) which we have seen since the opening of the post-colonial era. For her people, hybridization means only that they are used for their resources, mostly by the G-8 nations, without any real exchange of material or cultural wealth.

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