October 07, 2004


So madam Carol Vogel does all the real reporting on the terminal five mess for The Times.

The Port Authority seems to have its manties ull up in a bunch over some cigrette smoke, vodka drinking and supposed vandalism. Christ have any of these fuckers ever seen the restroom in one of the active terminals they run over at JFK? Or the Port Authority bus terminal for that matter (mmmmm homeless men washing their balls in the sink, yummy!).

I was there the night in question, it was a little wild, but I highly doubt that the terminal was damaged in any way- I did not see any grafitti and the smoking was minimal. Furthermore the acusation that they were "selling alcohol" is patently false.

The article seems to make it clear that both the PA and JetBlue had had enough of the curator (Rachel K. Ward). The JetBlue spokesman did not have her back at all saying; "We've been working for months to make this a special event for New Yorkers which has now been spoiled because of a curator's poor management ". I guess it's not only the art world that is catty...

In any case, it is not the greatest injustice in the world, or even new york (see 'mass arrests at the RNC' for example). But it is a shame that over these minor allegations lots of people who put a lot of work into this show are out in the cold - not to mention the art going public (despite my qualms as to the quality of the show itself).

Christ, people need to start bombing things already.

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