July 09, 2004


Sorry for the lack of updates fuckers, my computer is da da dead and it looks like it is going to take a while to fix, I am in the apple store now.

In anycase if you are in los angeles this weekend and you do not go chek out the following program you are basicly half a human being. As part of this years outfest LA The Prof. has organized an amazing looking program of short films from the likes of Nao Bustamante, Vag. Davis n' Tara Mateik. I really do insist you go see it, info follows [good luck navigating that outfest website btw; the gays make the art better than the technology].

More Info:

Sticky Bonds
Sun Jul 11, 8:30 pm REDCAT $10.00  
Curated by Kevin McCarty and José Esteban Muñoz.Queer
intimacies are often messy ones. While mainstream pop
continues to “Disneyfy” the pervert through representations of
gay make-over handmaidens and happy-go-lucky fags with
their hags, this program is interested in rendering our complex
bonds to both each other and queerness itself. This program is
an antidote to the onslaught of media images that portray the
joys of gay marriage and transnational adoption. Instead we
offer different accounts of queers and their intimacies including
Sara Jordeno’s tale of lesbian cruising in Russia, Coco Frio (the
New York art collective)’s homage to hateful art collaborations,
Vaginal Davis and Cyril Kuhn’s experimental futuristic vintage
porn, performance diva Nao Bustamante’s haunting tribute to
polymorphous perversity, the Toxic Titties video about the
blurry and often creepy line between collaboration and love, and
Jenn Kolmel's queer mediation on inappropriate public touching.

Wo Ist Manfred
DIR: Vaginal Davis, Cyril Kuhn, USA, 2004, video, 10 min.
Davis and Kuhn spin a tail of pornographic delights featuring
John Wayne Bobbit and his infamy.

Raison D’Etre
DIR: Coco Frio, USA, 2003, video, 10 min.
This mockumentary features the addled and delusional queer art
collective’s prattling about the pains of collaboration.

DIR: Nao Bustamante, USA, 2003, video, 7 min.
Performance art guru Nao Bustamente’s shares a horny fantasy
of polymorphous perversity.

The Pool
DIR: Sara Jordeno, USA, 2004, video, subtitled, 22 min.
Jordeno’s video is sung to the tune of Dolly Parton’s “I Will
Always Love You” and features the ribald tale of lesbian cruising
among monuments and ruins.

Like Someone in Love
DIR: Toxic Titties, 2002, video, 6 min.
Los Angeles’s favorite Lesbo performance terrorists reflect on
the trials and tribulations of love and art making.

Forward Hand
DIR: Jenn Kolmel, USA, 2003, video, 4 min.
Kolmel’s video is a tribute to the pleasures of inappropriate
public touching.

DIR: Tara Mateik, 2004, Video, 7 min.
This music video charts a perverse transsexual identification
between Peter Pan and Michael Jackson.

I Love You
DIR: Haruko Tanaka, 2003, Video, 2 min.
The short video is a tribute to deep narcissism.

Outfest in LALALAND

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