April 26, 2004


Sorry for the lack of good stuff in this space, the sun on saturday and the rain on sunday and all the school work i need to do has placed me in my own little world. What can ya do.

Cool event tonight (thanks to michelle handelman for the link)...

Beyond the Whitney- On the issue of the Image
"Curator Chrissie Iles, exhibiting artists Craigie Horsfield and Catherine Sullivan, and George Baker"

In the meantime check out East Village Radio I am not ususally a huge fan on internet radio, but they have been playing some great jammy-jams as of late, not exactly free-form but still a nice ecclectic mix of things I know and love and new gems.

On the "check it out tip" I have been playing around with del.icio.us a bunch lately and I really dig it. Anytime I see a cool link that does not necc. need comment, i just click on a toolbar link and a window pops up and I publish that link here:


It's a great tool and it has an RSS feed so get on that shit.

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