April 18, 2004



Against all odds I made it to CP to bask in the glorious sun and check out AVAF's "public art" project the morning [sic] last. The vitamin D was in full effect, and that combined with Los Super Elegantes jammys combined to create a chill-mellow-margerettas-2-go vibe, thankfully 'cause the AVAF's project on its own was... was well... less than overwhelming.


That's not entirely fair, as the whole creative, summers, coming together in the park vibe, was basically what this instillation was about me thinks, and that feleling- the mellow in-between hours of summer afternoons was pervasive - what with the costumes, colors, deep(ish) house music, it really felt more like an afternoon on the playa at burning man or in AB dessert during moontribe than an afternoon in central park. For this east - to west - back to east kid that felt nice in a nostalgic, wistful sort of way but there did not seem to be any comment, or even self-aware notion within this (much like most BM/MT related art). The sense of community building and coming together is great, but the question always remains what are those communities for, what do they achieve. I am not saying hedonistic pleasures in themselves are not worthwhile outcomes of such communities I would just like to see some implicit/explicit comment/acknowledgement of this.

None-the-less it was great to see folks like this getting down...


She had mad skills on the hulahoop, perhaps unlike any I had ever seen before.

For a little movie I shot on my digicamera, peep this out, it's really small...


later that eve. It was off to see chicks on speed with abe at deitch which was... well I am not really sure what I think. There were actually interesting parallels between their asthetic an that of AVAF, this whole post-neo raver, paisley fluorescent, acid head thing which is... well getting a little tired. They had some video they had made over the last week with them in sort of 1980's video game character/acid head muppet costumes interacting in various spaces around nyc. It was performative but, well, pretty hokey but it looked cool enough at some points. The fact that deitch was too cheap to put on the AC is sort of putting a damper on the experience for me, even in hind sight. Frankly though, at various points in the musical part of the performance I was downright bored. I understand they are trying to play with the modes of production in music (ie, how music is made, and the ownership of that process, but frankly (and I know this sounds anti-intellectual) that shit better make me dance, or at least make me question why it is I don't want to dance. This just made me listless.

On the positive side, the performer who came on right before CoS, who i believe was one of their members (but I could not tell with the whole costumes etc), had fucking vocal pipes like you would not believe and used them in a really interesting counter-intuitive manner. She laid down some pretty crunk-a-delic beats, but that had melodies that were almost ear-splitting, and then would toss her loud, clean voice into the mix- at times the combination was (purposefully) unlistenable, but then one part of the mix would drop out and sonic goodness would just hit the solar-plexus and course throughout the body, and then it would be gone again. She was playing with our desires and musical expectations, using what we know of pop-music through years of listening and then subverting those expectations (which are made out of our desires). In her last song, a cover of the Whitney Houston "Ieeee, eeeeI will allwaaaaaaaayyyyys loooooooove uuuuuuwwwuuuu" song from The Bodyguard she took this too the max, pulling off an amazing note-for-note cover up until the end, wherein she did the final chorus 12-15, at first it was amazing and then you just wanted it to stop by the 12th or so, but the last few she just screamed through, getting all punk-rock on it. It was terrible, you wanted it to end more than anything in the world, but it was also supper funny and intelligent. Good stuff, really.

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