April 16, 2004


Gonna hit 75 degrees, the ladies are gonna be out in their short skirts for the first time all year and baseball is ready to really get going. Not even the negative balance in my accounts and lack of any gainful employment offering itself up in the near future is going to fuck with the manic mood that is swirling around me from all sides. Fuck, I may even be smiling.

I continue to be amazed at my ability to place movies up here on this intermathingamanetbop. Most of my shit really needs a big screen for decent context, and to be looped, but here is another subpar piece (way to go tekno boy, all the fun shit is on VHS, the worlds worst archiving format eva). You can't really read the cell phones in this small version, which is a bummer, and for some reason, whenever I shrink it down the audio (which i built myself in my first ever soundtrack making excersise) gets more snap-crackle-pops than a bowl full of geneticlly modified breakfast corn product. Whatevs.
UPDATE: Here are the four text messages that appear on the phone but are too hard to read at this size/compression:
1. It's too noisy to articulate
2. Ambiguity is empty
3. All i remember are shots and apologies
4. Scorn is contagious
5. My balance went to zero


In other fun weekend news, assume vivid astro focus, who i think i like (but perhaps i just got wet at the 'specticle' of their whit whit shit) is showing their centeral park piece tomorrow (sat) with a performance by Los Super Elegantes from 1-3pm (in conjunction with the public art fund). Dave Muller will also be showing one of his three day group art things.

I would love to check it out, but I will be stocking up on carbo's at teany as part of MoveOn.org's Bake Sale For Democracy and watching my boston red sox destroy the evil empire. Find one near you and get your anti-bush carb/sugar hight on.


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