April 02, 2004


I mentioned yesterday that the John Kerry campaign has begun placing political advertisments on Gawker. Now there have been lots of talk this season about the power of fundraising on the intermernetathingamawebbob, but most of this fundraising has been on the canidates websites themselves or on the hard core partisan blogs (KOS, et all).


This however is the first time I have seen an ad on a non politics oriented blog (though the same ad is on gawkers sister site the politics/dc/gossip iRag wonkette, which is_perhaps_ where the JFK campaign got the idea).

For some reason itt strikes me as bizarre that JFK is advertising on a site that secalizes in celebrity sex gossip, fashion, media sniping and the like. Not that it's a bad thing (at all) its just so fucking out of left field. I think it is very savvy in its own way- all the ueber fags, fashion cunts, marie claire interns, celeb hunters and the like that read gawker (myself included) are, I am sure, pretty left leaning, but I would assume generally apathetic (they seem would seem to mostly get up in arms about the evil smoking ban and whatever bizzzare antics the mr. blowjob vincent "whats a shower" gallo has been up to).

None-the-less, I wonder what the JFK campaign rational was, I would love to have been a fly-on-the-wall durring the meeting where the young, hip, intermablog-savay kerry staffer showed the grissled old political media buyer Gawker, explained who read it and why it would be a good buy. My guess is the buyer was all "whatever, it only costs us $20 bucks a week" (i mean, really how expensive could advertising on gawker be?).

In any case, it amuses me. If you are in the giving mood, and would love to see GWB out of a job, Abe has organized his own little influence peddling group to give kerry cash off of his blog. If I was not poor I might give somemyself, so you should in my stead.

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