February 28, 2004


A couple of sunday's ago, while helping to prepare brunch at the professors house we ran into a quandary. We only had one bottle of champers for an estimated 12 (mostly alcoholic) guests. Up until this past may, liquor stores in new york were barred from opening on account of the blue laws. Luckily a lone gunman in our group knew of the semi-repeal of said disgusting, getting-drunk-on-sunday-and-passing-out-durring-the-simpsons preventing laws and quickly manned his trio, searching the web for a store near us. It was a long search and we finally found a store in Soho that sold only new york wine. Needless to say we bit the bullet and purchased a sub-par new york state "sparkling wine" to fortify our orange juice, however by this point most of us had simply begun to pour the evil potato juice into our breakfast libations.

In any case, several weeks later The Times has seen fit to publish a cute article about the trials and tribulations of finding a fucking drink on sunday.

Some highlights include:

A liquor store owner speaking of the business on sunday's "Twice as good as Tuesday," said Mek Motyka, co-owner of Stare Miasto Liquor Store in Ridgewood, Queens, as he took a bottle of chilled vodka out the refrigerator and slid it across the counter to a taciturn man with a florid nose
Florid Nose indeed...


"Sure beats the bootleggers," Rene Martinez said in front of Rivera Wine and Liquors as he cracked the seal on a $3.75 pint of Barton vodka. Mr. Martinez, 46, a retired seaman and self-described alcoholic, explained that bootleggers charged $5 for the same flask."
It's a sailorís life for me.

In any case the most worthwhile thing about the article is that if you go to the jump page where it is listed, the times has seen fit to allow you to download an excel or PDF of all the nyc stores that are open on sunday (look here: nytimes.com/metro). Thatís what I call serving the readership. Of course it would have been even nicer had they seen fit to include a map of the locations, or better yet a bot that allows one to plug in an address and find the closest store. Perhaps I will get on it, or perhaps I will just start planning a guest list for brunch.

Update:It looks like MUG had a listing up a while ago, manhattan centric ('natch).

Posted by thickeye at February 28, 2004 06:10 PM