February 27, 2004



I like security. I like the boundaries both physical and non-physical, which are constructed between Self and Other. I don't know why. I think those spaces, the "boundary lands", if you will, can create interesting places for various forms of relationality to happen. I like the physical architectural sites of boundaries: guard stations, tollbooths, subway turnstiles, security desks, etc.

I am working on a piece that attempts to bridge the physical notions of security, with the interpersonal sense. To create a text of these two things in relation.

Anyway in the course of doing some research to write the proposal I need to I stumbled upon a website by Julia Scher. I have known about her work for a while and have a great book by/about her (Always There) but I never knew she had a (pretty) good electronic version of some of her work.

I urge you to check it out HERE

Posted by thickeye at February 27, 2004 03:36 PM