February 24, 2004


On principle I don't support any marriage. Marriage as we know it is a remnant from when we were an agrarian society and needed to pump out kids to till and milk and what-not. Marriage, as it is presently construed, is simply a patriarchal control system of late stage capitalism. It inherently otherizes the partner in a boring and didactic static system of duality. Further as many have argued (ES, etc) it is inherently misogynist. The basis of marriage as we know it (having its roots in the agrarian system) sees the female member of the partnership as chattel, that which is owned and controlled by the male. Many of those who support "traditional marriage" would love to see a return to this system where in the male is the master of the household. That's fucking gross.

That being said and being the sober [sic] realist that I am (and seeing no indication that armed revolution is about to happen, even though i clean my glock with regularity j/i/c) marriage is an economic and inter-personal system that is here to stay. The idea that our leaders want to change our inclusive (and brilliant as a performative-text) constitution totally boggles my mind. I can not fathom the amount of small minded bigotry that would seek to keep two people who are in love from formalizing that union in the eyes of the legal system (and ugh, god).

I understand everyday fear of The Other, and all the different identifications disidentifications and the like that go into the various process of hate that have plagued us all, but how can you be so unfeeling a human being as to want to single out a single class of human beings in such a blatant and unapologetic manner? Totally unfathomable to me.

Posted by thickeye at February 24, 2004 02:38 PM