February 22, 2004


Are the historical spaces we view, especially those of the ancient world simply sterilized versions of the reality that actually should exist? More interestingly how has our understanding of such of such historical spaces, and our view of them in reality been shaped by aesthetic considerations that change and morph through time? Great questions that are hinted at and explored in a fascinating review of christopher woodward's new book In Ruins written by rochelle gurstein. Check it out HERE

I am interested in how artistic representations of reality (in this case historic sites) shapes our view of them as we experience them in person. For me a more interesting question is how modern media shape how we view interpersonal relations. Growing up watching romantic comedy how does that shape the sexual and romantic entanglements we find ourselves in, our expectations, wants. In other words how does the fictional world, the flow of media in many forms shape how we experience actual real life situations? Is it possible to experience life with fresh new eyes, in a buddhist sense to be 'in the moment', if our world view has been so shaped and structured by representations. Are we now so saturated that the DNA of our relation to experience can only be viewed through the filters of representation? I think so.

Posted by thickeye at February 22, 2004 08:43 PM