February 19, 2004


Got a belated emug (to steal vaginal davis' term) from little LTB in vietnam today. Excerpts below:

So im nearing the end of my trip, thank god...
I miss NYC, you and all my other friends and will be happy to return.
Vietnams a preety interesting place, being commie and all. Develoment
here is slow but seems to be a little more evenly dispursed than other
third world contries.

Speaking of which Im deffinitly tired of being in the third world. These
people are great as long as you dont have to do buisness with them.
Because everything is kindof under the table so anytime you have to do a
transactiom, from buying a meal to riding a motorbike these
fuckers try and rip you off.

Cambodia was fun and deffinitly lived up to its reputation as the "wild
east". One is constantly being asked "You want somesing" and that somesing
is only limited by the amount of money you're willing to spend. After a
while it gets a little depressing seing fat douchbag white guys with
little asian girls. The amount of ugly fat white people ive
seen on this trip is fucking incredible.


Tim Kelly, tom's voyage mate also has a great post on S-21, a former political prision in Cambodia peep it HERE

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