February 17, 2004


I know that we should be focusing on that which is not political but the fear, the loathing, the drugs & the whores keep it from being so.

This is going to be the first real 'internet election' and I don't mean because some hick from vermont figured out how to get guilty liberals to pony up $100 bucks online. If the past has taught us anything the interwebthingamabop is not really the best way to move goods and services from-one-to-many, but it is a great way to spread information; and gossip, dirty lies, innuendo, fake pictures and the like are a form of information like it or not.

So far in the last week we have had Moby letting us all know how to play with ideologes in chat rooms (which was a lot of fun when i was like... 14). To Drudge doing his usual thing & a photoshoped picture of kerry and Hanoi Jane.

This shit moves like a virus and I am all for it. I love to see how the innuendo spreads; I wish I was behind some of it. Why? You ask... because it shows the fallibility of all information, of all truth. It helps to peel back the super-structure from the base, exposing the true power dynamics. Further it is a fertile ground for forcing derivations in the information flow. Besides, it's just politics.

Politics has always been dirty, like football and competitive eating its all about who can take the most punishment without allowing it to bring them down. You have to hand it to the bushies press people, they know best how to kill narrative story lines that are unattractive to them by simply ignoring them; like the teenage mother who simply tosses her newborn baby into the dumpster, willing away that which they wish not to be.

And remember, we never would have had that brilliant horndog irishman from boston in the white house if it were not for Mayor Daley (the sr.)'s delivery of Illinois via "creative" means.

Lets go spread a rumor; it's as american as slavery.

Posted by thickeye at February 17, 2004 03:28 PM