February 02, 2004


I had a great entry decrying the lack of any creativity in this years superbowl ad's but it seems that the techno-gods were angry and they raped my virgin thoughts upon the alter, and if that is the offering they want I am more than happy to oblige.

In short however to ad dudes: FUCK YOU. If I am going to live in an over-comodified world that try's to supplicate my desires (which the system itself has created) with weird goods (which that same system produces) at least sucker me with some spectacle. Show me humor and explosions and sex- thats all I ask. If you continue to try and use this shit to to stroke my desires I will end up living off the land in a cabin in montana reading old books and listening to NPR which will make those $1500 per day research trips to scores a lot harder for you to justify to your clients so get your fucking act together. (of course it could be that "old time" hyerarcical information distribution systems to wildly diverse audiences is no longer the future of advertising but that is an idea for another post).

Moving on but still on the subject of this evenings broadcast I wanted to touch on the two semi-worthwhile moments.

First Janet's titty. Let me say for the record I am all for tit's and nipples, the more the better. The same goes for piercings which are always a welcome surprise when you find them in your mouth. But Janet. Hon. What the fuck is with your "i am a 19 year old gothic model from the mid-west" style nipple jewelry. That shit screamed "I got it on melrose, Isn't it so dark". Please, I know you grew up ghetto but I am sure that even Tiffany's & Harry Winston carry nipple jewelry now. Head on over and buy your nipple some class, you can afford it.

Secondly what the fuck was with CBS trying to not show the streaker on the field just before the second half kick-off. That shit was straight comedy and you instead chose to focus your camera's on some unresponsive football player for fifteen seconds. Fuck you. Then after they had the guy cleared you chose to focus on the panthers coach who was clearly cracking up about what had just transpired yet your announcers refused to acknowledge what went down. I have never more clearly seen an example of how the media seeks to construct through selective inclusion the narrative of situations. It is really east to extrapolate how that same media creates the meta-narritives that structure our existence by choosing which reality they pass along. I mean really, we all know you guys do that shit but please don't lay it out for us like that, it makes us feel dirty.

Posted by thickeye at February 2, 2004 12:31 AM